Zombies X Mutant Ape Kids

Zombies x Mutant Ape Kids (ZMAK) is a leading NFT project being a pioneer to create the first bridge between real-life and the Metaverse for the world, incorporating Mutant Ape Kids NFTs (MAKC) as playable characters. The Move-to-Earn Zombie vs Mutant Ape Kids NFT game encourages users to “Be Active, Be Social”.

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Zombie NFT Series

Be different and unique while inspiring and empowering others

Move-To-Earn Game

Earn Energy Coins ($EC) while living an active and healthy lifestyle

Zombie Clubhouses

Socialise with renowned experts and creators in-person or virtually

In-Real-Life Benefits

Take part in Run For Your Lives Zombie Run events and exclusive event launches

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ZMAK Team, Board of Advisors and Roadmap

The assembly of a professional Team and Board of Advisors for ZMAK, in creating and finalising the Roadmap, which will set the overall strategy of the Zombies x Mutant Ape Kids.

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ZMAK NFT Lifepass

The ZMAK NFT Lifepass are broken down into 7 different tiers (Black, Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Purple), which correspondingly provide different benefits to holders. Join the Discord to find out the exact benefits!

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ZMAK – Zombie NFT Series

ZMAK community will have the opportunity to own multiple Zombie-related NFT series and utilize their NFT as a playable character in the ZMAK Move-to-Earn game.

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ZMAK RFYL Zombie Run Event

IRL Physical Running Events (RFYL, ZMAK) will be held in various parts of the world to grow ZMAK as a brand.

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Tokenomics and Energy Coin ($EC)

The development of ZMAK tokenomics and Energy Coin ($EC) will form a huge part of the ZMAK Move-To-Earn gamified ecosystem.

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ZMAK Move-To-Earn Game Beta Launch

The official beta testing of the ZMAK Move-To-Earn game for users to immerse themselves into, to earn Energy Coins ($EC) by exercising such as running.

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Virtual Zombie Clubhouse Launch

The launch of Zombie Clubhouse will provide a virtual space for all ZMAK NFT Lifepass holders to interact and socialise on a web-based platform exclusive for pass holders.

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ZMAK Official Merchandise Store

The ZMAK official merchandise store will open for purchasing which include a vast range of branded items and collectibles such as ZMAK branded apparel, accessories, figurines, and collectibles.

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ZMAK Move-To-Earn Game Official Launch

ZMAK Team will continue to develop and enable better innovations to integrate ZMAK RFYL Zombie Run elements into the game to create a bridge between the real-world and virtual world even after official launch.

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Global Zombie Clubhouses

ZMAK NFT Lifepass holders will now have exclusive access to Physical Zombie Clubhouses, built as a networking hub, around the world.

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Exclusive Partnership Programs

ZMAK NFT Lifepass holders will have exclusive access to launches of special events hosted with our partnerships we are working or will work with.

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